Planning to sell gold in Dubai but don’t know where to start? Having difficulty in deciding the best place to sell gold in Dubai for cash? Fret no more. We are here to help. You have come to the right place as we are known to be the best gold buyers in Dubai offering the best selling gold rate for your products. So, no need to think about- where to sell gold in Dubai or how to I find the best place to sell gold near me. You can find the best prices here at our store. Read on to understand how we are the best place to sell gold. We know your doubts and can help you clear all the confusions you have about selling gold.
When you sell gold to us, you place your trust in us. We value this trust and are ready to make this experience the most satisfying and smooth one for you as possible. Scroll down to understand our process of selling gold in detail and take a decision that would be most profitable for you. We cherish you as customers and hence ensure a transparent, smooth and reliable gold selling service in Dubai.

The live rate of gold in Dubai today is given below. This is the price of gold per gram in Dubai and United Arab Emirates.

Sell Gold In Dubai


An established organization giving a standardized rating for the gold you own, sell gold Dubai is one such firm with 25 years of expertise in the precious metal industry. Having a transparent and ethical online platform for selling gold, UAE that assures minimum overhead value and higher scrape per gold rate. It is advised to have a fair estimate of the gold price range as you wish to sell or buy gold. As the market rates alter gold sellers, Dubai tends to make standardized rates according to units per gram. The price changes as per the company and the market demand.

The weight of the gold/silver/diamond/platinum that you wish to sell and the purity of the metal and or the stone are other factors that are taken into consideration when you sell gold/diamond/silver/platinum. When in need of instant cash and when you want to exchange old jewellery, you can come to us and get a fair price for your jewellery. We even offer services that allow you to sell diamonds at the highest price, making it a profitable transaction when it is usually considered to be an unprofitable venture.

You Want to Sell your Gold,Diamond,Platinum and Silver into cash?

The highest liquidity value for your gold, diamond, Platinium, and silver giving the best value for the asset your wish to sell. Sell gold, Dubai is a company that gives exceptional value to the precious metals you wish to trade. Our company gives the best rates for the asset you wish to sell as compared to the market rates. Instant payment for the asset we buy such as gold, silver, diamond, platinum, etc. Our transparent and genuine working methodology giving the highest rate for the asset makes us stand out and be the best. You could compare the policies we follow regarding the rates with other competitors in the industry.

With us, you don’t need to worry about a thing as our experts will be ready to explain the process by which you can sell gold/ diamond/ platinum/ silver for money. The process we follow is fairly simple with a step- by step procedure guide that we follow to the T. After carefully assessing your jewels, checking its purity and cleaning it of any residues, we will give you the best price for jewels in Dubai and UAE. You will not suffer any losses and as the most trusted buyers of gold/ diamond/ silver/ platinum, we can assure you an honest transaction.
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Sell gold in dubai

Sell Gold In Dubai Offers You secure cash on delivery payment methods on every order

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