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Diamonds are forever, but jewellery doesn't always stay perfect. That’s where we come in. If you’re looking for jewellery repair, we are the experts you can rely on.

Whatever your requirements, our expert team are here to help. Everything you need for your damaged or broken jewellery is carried out in our jewellery workshop by professional repairers.

At Jewellery Doctor, we are not a jewellery shop, instead we have a workshop dedicated to jewellery repair – it’s what we do best. We have a wealth of experience and can repair jewellery that others don’t have the expertise for. What’s more, it’s better value than going to your local repairer.

Every piece of jewellery has a story to tell, and we are used to working with family heirlooms, designer jewellery and precious pieces that mean a lot to you. You can rest assured your treasured jewellery is in safe and expert hands.

What you can expect:
All jewellery repairs including ring sizing, bracelet repairs, setting missing stones or diamonds and restringing necklaces
Rest assured we take care of your treasured jewellery and return it to you beautifully restored

Don’t worry if you’ve lost a stone from your ring. We can source and fit you a new stone. From diamonds to sapphires, rubies to emeralds, we’ll provide a perfect match.
Diamonds are one of the precious stones recognized for their hardness. Even this unyielding substance can't perfectly endure its crystalline structure as jewellery so long. We shall do our part as a jewellery repair service when you need your diamond to be perpetuated in its initial charm.
Your needs or requirements would be attended to and resolved by our professionally competent employees with the best jewellery repair. They always assure you of the best customer care service for your damaged jewellery. All activities are led by our qualified repairers in jewellery repair across UAE. We have an exclusive repair outlet and the biggest advantage is our years of ethical service approach and expertise which no others can be proud of. At jewellery doctors, customers get satisfied with what they can think of in jewellery repair Dubai.
Being diamond is an asset, each holds some strong emotions and memories. You can undoubtedly approach us with your worthwhile asset means it is in the most expert and safe hands across the jewellery repair sector. We dominate other makers because we crave vintage collections and often exposed to many more heirloom items help us to have dissimilar advantages in jewellery repair. Repair is successful only if the experience of the craftsman should come in line with the know-how of the antiquities even after any erosion due to prolonged wear.
What will we offer:
We impart a comprehensive jewellery repair service that covers bracelet repairs, ring sizing, missing stone setting or diamonds and restringing necklaces. After restoring them to their initial beauty, returning your assets is our guarantee that we can offer in jewellery repairing. All our repair activities are executed in-house by exclusive team under the mentorship of a master craftsman. The best jewellery repair services inspect your ornaments thoroughly and come with the best available options, which assures your safety while wearing the restored item. Our experts can even guide you on the possible range of available options which suit your assets like bracelets, rings or necklaces before any repair or restoration.
You need not necessarily be distressed when you have lost your lucky stones off the ring or any other costume jewellery as long as we exist in the jewellery repair business in Dubai. We will be able to retrieve and fit a perfect new stone. Our stone library comprises almost all types of stones in abundances such as diamonds to rubies, sapphires and emeralds to meet your all demands in jewellery repair. Even if you are looking for a unique stone, our vast collection can meet your demand.

If you have any queries regarding any of our services, please contact us for details.
For more information call or whataspp : +971525561123